Removing Skunk Smell from Dogs

Tuesday morning started like any other. I was up after a couple of snoozes on the alarm, put the dog outside, and got Skunkinto the shower. Upon exiting the shower, I was hit by an overwhelming stench. A skunk had sprayed, and my house was at ground zero. I knew that my poor, sweet dog had been the instigator for its release. What to do now!? With no other way around my time constraints, I left her in the basement and spent maybe too much of my work day scouring Pinterest and gathering co-worker advice. Each source told me that I was going to need hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. This solution brought up another problem. I did not have hydrogen peroxide on hand and the thought of going to the store to get some after daycare pickup had me looking up how long it takes for skunk smell to go away on its own (see Thank Goodness for Online Shopping).

Plan B: I had baking soda, and I had dish soap. The last ingredient wouldn’t be that necessary, right? Usually that type of thinking leads to nowhere good, but in this case, it worked! Here is what I did.

1) Put dog in tub or wherever you do your washing of the dog normally.Dog bath

2) Get the dog wet and then run her/him down with baking soda. My dog weighs about 80 pounds, and I used a little over a 1/3 of a baking soda container.

3) Rinse thoroughly!

4) Wash with dish soap. I used Palmolive.

5) Repeat at least once.

6) Smell is gone, and the dog is happy! Mine did several happy-dog laps around the house.

This worked to remove the skunk smell from my short-haired dog. If you try this on a long-haired dog, please let us know if you get the same results!