Post-it Note Spelling

One morning, I turned around from my cleaning to discover yet another mess had been made behind my back. Sound familiar? Sadly, this wasn’t a surprise as it happens pretty much any time I think I might actually be making headway on the cleaning. Sigh. This time, Riley had found the Post-it notes. Oh boy. I couldn’t bear to throw out three packs of perfectly good, although slightly crumpled, Post-it notes, so we created a game–/””””'[‘/l..a game in Riley’s mind, a learning experience in mine. Here’s what we did:

I wrote out the alphabet, one letter on each note. We started by spelling Riley’s name since she already knew how to spell that. I asked, “What’s the first letter?” When she responded with the correct letter, I stuck it to the table. We continued until we had spelled her name. Then we started on some easy, short words–for example, can and run. We spelled one word.

Post It note spelling can

Then, we replaced the first letter to spell a new word.

Post It note spelling ran

I’m proud to say that Riley can now spell her name and can recognize letters in different settings. Not all because of this game, of course, but it definitely helped to reinforce what she has been learning in school. Not only does this help with spelling and letter recognition, but it is also teaching rhyming word recognition.