Painted Shapes Canvas

painted shapes canvasThis simple craft has very few guidelines. Perfect for toddlers or small kids but engaging enough for older siblings to paint along. Holiday coming up? Use a holiday-themed shape! A ghost for Halloween, a pot of gold for St. Patrick’s Day. We’d love to see your creations!

What You’ll Need:Painted Hand

Acrylic paint

Paint brush


Masking or Painter’s Tape


1) Cut strips of tape, both large and small. You will need the smaller pieces to make rounded edges.

2) Place tape on the canvas in the shape of your choosing.

3) Paint!

4) Let the painting completely dry and remove tape. That’s it!

Nurture the experience:

This is a great opportunity to weave in a lesson on shapes. Begin on a scrap piece of paper and draw, or have your child draw, a series of shapes. Heart, circle, triangle, square, rectangle, etc. Take the time to point out important characteristics of each. For example, you could say “The triangle has three sides, one, two, three. How many sides does this square have?” Use their answers to build on the differences between each shape. The square has four sides and so does the rectangle. What makes them different?

After some time discussing similarities and differences between the shapes, draw the image that you will be putting on the canvas. Ask your child what shapes she sees that make up this image. This type of questioning can help your child begin to use shape recognition skills.