Once Upon a Time a Book Was Born

Once upon a time, a little girl had a dream of being a writer—not just any writer, a children’s book writer. She loved stories and daydreamed about what it would be like to use her words to bring imaginative worlds to other children. She scribbled out tales but never shared them. She traveled to faraway dangerous lands but didn’t allow anyone to join her quests. A small, yellow, twisted, and thorny knot lay at the bottom of her heart, and it turned and churned when she thought about what others would say about her dream.

Time moved on as it has a habit of doing, and the little girl grew up into a big girl with big decisions to make. What would she do for the rest of her life? She had to choose a college that would prepare her for adulthood. It was time to be practical. She made a decision. It was wrong. Luckily, she changed her mind at the last moment and allowed a little impracticality to color her adventure. In the faraway town of beans, she took classes to learn how to make a life of words. One course of study focused on children’s writing, and it was the most challenging task of her years. She agonized but was happy.Clancy_Cover_flat_8.12.15

Adulthood came too soon. Love came and went. Bills came and stayed. Words changed positions, and deadlines were met. Books were written and read. A child was born, and she was Story. The magic came back, and the daydreams of the girl’s childhood followed. However, they remained silent, under the power of the knot.

Then a fair stranger appeared from a distant mountain. She jumped on the relaxed and flat storyline. She mixed up all the words and put them back, out of order. And laughed. The scenes became colorful and sharp. The dialogue became witty and ridiculous and real. Then the stranger learned of the dream, and everything changed.

The stranger pushed and pulled, bullied and bribed. She was a best friend and a worst enemy. She did everything that had to be done. And eventually, with her perseverance and selfless caring, she unraveled the knot, smoothed the thorns, and created the strongest chain in the world. A dream was realized, and a book was born.

And the girl and the stranger and the daughters and the book lived happily ever after.