Moon Sand

We first discovered Moon Sand at a local church Easter festival. Unlike sand, the texture is soft, and you are able to easily mold it. The sandboxes are perfect for summer and could easily be used inside during the winter months (with a little bit of clean up). The sandcastle opportunities are endless!

What You’ll Need:Moon sand

10 lbs bag of flour

48 oz jar of vegetable oil (you’ll use a little more than half of it)




1) Line box with tablecloth. We used a large cardboard box with the top cut off. Because it was cardboard, it was beneficial to line it with the tablecloth. If your box is too small for the tablecloth or is made of plastic, you don’t need to do this. In that case, I suggest using the tablecloth under the sandbox to mitigate the mess.

2) Pour flour into the sandbox.

3) Pour vegetable oil in the flour. Mix until you reach the desired consistency. You’ll want it to be moldable but not oily.

4) Play!

Nurture The Experience

Google pictures of sandcastles. There are so many different, really amazing sandcastles that people have built. Have your child draw her favorite and bring it with you to your sandbox. Use the drawing to recreate the sandcastle with your moon sand. This is a great introductory lesson to architecture! There are several architectural basics that you will need to consider when building your sandcastle. What does the base need to look like to support the weight of the top? How do you use a blueprint to guide you in your building?

Recommended Reading

Sand Castle

SandcastlesEvery sand castle build needs helping hands! This book explores building a castle with friends. Each new friend brings a unique idea to add to the overall look of the castle. Lessons learned from this book include taking turns and appreciating the views of others.




Sisters are for Making Sandcastles (Picture Puffins)

Sisters are for making sandcastlesSisters are good for a lot of things. This book takes you through all sorts of fun things you can do with your sister. Car rides, dress up, cleaning up, and especially, building sandcastles! While topical for this activity, it is also a great book if you are introducing a new baby girl to your family.