Hanging pictures right on the first try

Big empty walls scare me. What will I hang on them? How am I going to know what it’ll look like? The pressure is on. If I don’t like what I hang, that’ll mean extra time, money, and energy spent fixing what I’ve done just to have to start over again. Makes a person just want to leave the walls bare or live with whatever crooked nightmare that’s been hung up there.

I was so thankful when I discovered this easy extra step to help visualize what your wall will look like when done. Have extra coloring pages sent home to you by a well-meaning daycare that you aren’t quite sure what to do with? We can only fill up so many binders with artwork. Unless you bought a house with an extra room to dedicate as an “art” room, you know you’ve got some floating around without a purpose. Perfect! Use them to guide your wall decorations.

Hanging Pictures paperHanging pictues 2

Here’s what you’ll need:
Cardboard, paper, newspaper, kid’s artwork, etc.
Actual artwork or decoration you’ll be hanging

1) Cut paper or cardboard to the exact (or as close to exact) size of the decoration you will be hanging.

2) Tape it to the wall where you think you might like it. Play around with it for a while until you settle on the location that is most pleasing to you.

3) Use your yardstick or level to ensure that you have your paper level and evenly spaced.

4) Mark through the paper and onto the wall where your nail will need to be.

5) Hammer the nail into the wall and hang your picture.

6) Enjoy the surprising lack of stress. You got it right the first time!

* Tip: I learned this fun tip from a good friend and roommate in college. While you’ll probably need to invest in a good hammer eventually, you can make do with a high-heeled shoe. That’s right! Who knew those uncomfortable but stylish shoes could double as a tool? Just use the heel end to hammer your nail in place. It is surprisingly easy and effective.

High Heel shoe