Friendship Bracelets

Some weekends are full of activities and feel like you are going all of the time. This weekend was one of those. We
needed an activity that would allow us to sit and focus on just one thing. These bracelets did the trick. It can be very relaxing working on a simple braid, and the girls loved having matching accessories at the end! Be careful, before you know it you could have a full jewelry box of these. At least try to match the colors to the work outfit you have planned for Monday!

Friendship Bracelets 2

What You’ll Need:

Embroidery thread, three colors




1) Cut three strands of each color of embroidery thread. The length does not have to be much longer than the length you want for the bracelet. Just Ready to braidBraidingkeep in mind that it will be braided so it will be slightly shorter, but the braiding doesn’t detract too much from the length.

2) Tape one end to a table.

3) Braid it. Allow enough thread at the end to tie the bracelet when it is done.

4) Tie the finished product to your child’s wrist and cut the ends.


Nurture the Experience:

Use this time to teach your child about tying different knots! See if you can master all of the knots below. Knot tying is a great exercise in finger and mental agility. Each different knot requires a different set of steps, which means different muscle movements for your fingers, forcing your brain to concentrate and rethink the task.


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