Felt Board

I order my diapers through Amazon Prime. It saves me haggard trips to Walmart but also leaves me with a lot of cardboard boxes. We’ve gotten a little bit bored with the traditional coloring-of-the-box-to-make-it-into-a-house game. I was also looking for a new way to talk to Riley about her letters. Like most three-year-olds, she was not interested in sitting at the table and doing flashcards or workbooks. I decided to make an alphabet felt board for the playroom. Decision made, we set off to Walmart to purchase supplies. Wait, didn’t the box end up at my house to avoid a trip to Walmart? Oh, the best-laid plans often go awry.

What you’ll need:Felt Board

Large piece of cardboard

Large piece of felt, big enough to fit over the cardboard (Walmart cuts by the yard.)

Hot glue and hot glue gun

Ribbon for the border

Package of assorted felt colors to make the letters

Scotch mounting tape


1) Cut the cardboard to your desired size. Cut large piece of felt so that there is enough on the back to glue but not so much that it will hinder hanging it.

2) Place felt on the table and put the cardboard over it. Glue the felt edges to the cardboard so that the felt lays flat when you turn it over.

3) Glue on the border.

4) Cut the mounting tape into strips and place them on the back of the felt board. Turn over and hang!

5) Cut smaller felt into letters. I used two pieces for each and glued them together to make them easier to grab.

6) You’re done! Start learning those letters or practice your spelling!

Nurture the experience:

Try making scenes from your child’s favorite book out of felt. For instance, if she is into Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons, you can make Pete, buttons, a skateboard, a surfboard, etc. Read the book with her but allow her to interact with it using the felt board. Each time a button pops off, have her remove the button and sing the song with you. Or, just let her make up her own story with her character and scene. Develop a love of literacy and the imagination!