Dear Blanket, It’s not me. It’s you.

blanketDear Blanket,

You first appeared in my life 8 months ago. I left town and you moved in. No notice. No warning. A little heads up that my life would never be the same would have been nice. I thought I’d have more time, just my daughter and I. I didn’t think we’d disagree on a companion until she was a teenager. I wasn’t ready.

You’ve created quite a bond with my daughter. Her young age making her particularly attracted to your charms. She adores the way you snuggle and looks to you for comfort when she is hurt or an injustice has befallen her. I fear it is you, not I, that she runs to now for these matters. For that reason, blanket, I make room for you in my life. But there are matters we must discuss.

You’ve been a rule breaker from the the beginning. You see, babies are not supposed to sleep with blankets. It seems you and Maddie did not receive that memo but I could not find a google search result that told me differently. Your broken rule cost me a lot of sleep.

I believe you may suffer from a bit of an identity complex. You tend to act as things you are not. You are not a towel, though you mop up each drop of spilled milk she drops. She’s become very comfortable with this use as I can tell by the dried bits of food I find woven into your fabric. I must say, it has caused quite a stench. I’d recommend more consistent bathing. The time apart is hard for the both of you and I know it hurts you to watch her tears as she clings to the washing machine observing your bathing. Sometimes love hurts.

When we leave the house I know you want to follow and though I allow it for her sake you do tend to make outings more difficult. You are quite large and a bit raggity. It’s not your fault, really, and if it weren’t summer maybe the heat from carrying you would be welcomed. You do also tend to fall down a lot just like the wobbly toddler you accompany. Picking you up has become a tad exhausting. After all, I do have two children to tend to. When you fall from the cart, I am not always able to save you from the wheels. It’s not all my fault, you carry some of the blame too, but it is me who takes the brunt of the blame from sweet Maddie. It must be nice, blanket, to never to do anything wrong.Mad blanket

Though now it seems, blanket, you have gotten yourself into a bit of trouble. It seems that you are causing some disturbances. I’ve been informed that you’ve created a two person gang at daycare. You’re impenetrable bond with Maddie has struck a few turf wars and I must inform you that they have requested you not return. Your presence is no longer welcome at Teddy Bear Daycare.

This will cause heartbreak, I know. Breaking a bond of two is never easy. As hard as it is for you, know that it will be harder for me. Hell hath no fury like a baby scorned. Rest assured, dear blanket, that the cause of this breakup is equivalently, you. And like most lovers who can’t let go, I know you will stick around hauntingly in my car until I get off of work.

With best regards,

Her mother