Cheerio Ice Cream

This was a simple craft that we conjured up with some extra craft supplies. What the girls really wanted was some ice cream. Not wanting to spend the money or the calories, this was a great distraction. And, hey, they still got ice cream!

Cheerios are notorious for easily fitting into math lessons. They even have a Cheerios counting book that is pretty awesome. Who doesn’t love to snack and learn how to count? Learning with this craft can go way past Cheerios, though. Check out how we connected it to learning below.

What you’ll need:Cheerio Ice Cream

Paper plates or construction paper


Painted lima beans (see Painted Lima Bean flowers)



1) Cut a pie-shaped piece out of the paper plate. Use the remainder of the plate to cut out a semicircle. Glue the semicircle to the “crust” side of the pie piece, creating an ice cream cone and one scoop.

2) Glue painted lima beans to the semicircle.

3) Glue Cheerios to the cone. Done!

Nurture the Experience

Let’s add some math to this craft! Start the fraction conversation by learning how many pie pieces can make up the whole of the paper plate. Fold the paper plate in half, then fold it in half again. Use a marker to outline the folds. Ask your child how many pieces make up the whole of the plate. Cut one piece out. How many of the whole are left?

Continue the math journey by counting the Cheerios as you add them. It’s never too soon to begin learning math!